Breathe In a Bit of Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Situated on 20 acres along Trout Lake, Birch Lodge is a simple and serene retreat providing sophisticated comfort and a classic American boutique lodging experience.

As our guest, you’ll take a step back in time – Birch Lodge is where you’ll find an idyllic old-fashioned vacation spot.

The Inn at Birch Lodge first opened in 1912 and captures the days of classic northern resort elegance. Next door, The Motel at Birch Lodge is a blast from the past with an authentic mid-century modern design. Together, our guests can enjoy two great ages of American architecture and hospitality with incredible modern amenities.

Enjoy our small slice of heaven at this traditional lake lodge.

The Rich History of
Birch Lodge


Archaeological evidence indicates that ancient Native Americans camped at this favored location on the lake.


Bolstered by the logging and railroad industry in Northern Michigan, Edgar D. Ford and his wife, Cornelia, purchase land on Trout Lake and construct the lodge, later named the Birch Lodge Hospital and Summer Resort Sanitarium.


Charles and Estelle Moore buy Birch Lodge with the intent of establishing a “first-class resort," improving the grounds and building two log cabins.


New owners Lee and Marion Thurlow convert a portion of Birch Lodge into the unique Birch Bar.


The Lodge is sold to Cliff and Ann Badgley, who move the Moore cabins to create the still-standing lodge workshop and bait shop.


Cliff and Ann build an 8-room brick-front motel east of the lodge.


After a period of lack of upkeep following Ann's death in 2006, Bill Rutter and Deborah Rhead acquire the property. The pair lovingly preserve the property and undertake extensive clean-up and renovations of the Lodge, reopening the motel for the 2011 season. Through their stewardship of the property, the Lodge was added to the National Registry of Historic Places.


A new group of owners acquire Birch Lodge and undertake extensive historic preservation and renovation to the Motel, Inn and Birch Bar.